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Billing Better empowers housemates to package up all their utility bills into one payment each month, split equally between all housemates.
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How does Billing Better work?

Add any of the following bills to your bills bundle and we'll split the total cost by the number of housemates and charge each housemate once per month to cover their share.

Gas & Electricity


Council Tax
(not for students)

Internet & TV

TV License


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Some of our suppliers...

How it works...

Build your package

Instantly build your bills package for your new home, choosing which bills you'd like setting up and telling us when you're moving in.

Let us do the work

Once you've completed your order, we'll register you with all your bill providers and set all the utility bills up for you.

Ready for moving day

When you move in, all your bills will be set up and ready to go. We'll aim get your internet installed for moving day as well.
*You won't be charged any money for your bills until you move into your new home. We recommend that you set up your Billing Better plan prior to moving in to make sure your internet is set up and ready from day one.

Join the hundreds of professionals, students and home owners who have found a better way to set up and pay for their bills.

One payment

Hate waiting for different direct debits to go out your account each month? We'll take just one payment per month for all bills.

Your share only

Only be charged for your share of the bills, split equally between all housemates. We'll chase non-payers so you don't have to!

Zero time on hold

Never have to deal with long phone calls waiting on hold. We set up, manage pay for and close down all your billing accounts.

The best internet

Choose from standard to the fastest widely available internet, all with no usage caps and installed on moving day.

Save money

The average house saves £200 per year on their bills by using Billing Better and taking advantage of our exclusive deals.

Communication is key

If you have any issues throughout your tenancy, we'll be on hand to help via Whatsapp, nice and easy.
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Our aim is to make moving home easier for everyone...

Let's face it, no one enjoys seeing money go out of their bank account each month for bills. Let alone setting them up, sending meter readings and spending valuable time talking to utility bill companies when there are problems.

We've built Billing Better to take away that hassle for you and we're always striving to make our service that bit better. Billing Better is more than just a life hack as we'll also save the average household £200 on their utility bills each year.
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At University and part of a team or society? 

Earn sponsorship money for your team or society if your teammates sign up to Billing Better.
By signing up, your team-mates will save money and time on their bills. Winning!
Get exclusive offers for being a student and signing up to Billing Better (free Netflix).
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